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Who You Spend Time With Will Determine Your Future

Since we were kids our parents warned us about hanging out with the wrong people, and as adults, we look back and realize they were exactly right. The truth is, the people you run with are the people who will inspire, educate, and motivate you - or ruin your life. In short, they have a very big impact on your future. I was watching one of my "guilty pleasure" TV programs the other day: The A&E Network show "Intervention."

It's a program about people struggling with alcohol and drug addiction and eventual interventions with professional counselors. It hit me how many of the episodes reveal that at some point, they started in the wrong direction because of people they were spending time with. Over and over in the series you'll hear that they were doing great - all-star athletes, scholars, creatives - but then they met _________. And after that, everything went south.

In the same way, during news reports after a young person commits a horrible crime - robbery, arson, or murder when the parents are interviewed they almost always say, "He was a great kid, but at some point he fell in with the wrong crowd."

Now, think about it in terms of your career or calling. Who do you spend the most time with? Do they inspire you to accomplish more? Explore your spiritual and creative side? Push your limits? Encourage you to not give up? Support your ideas?

Give it some serious thought, because if not, this might be the moment to start spending more time with different friends...